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Aqua Therapy

Aquatic therapy

» Low Impact to Protect Soft Tissues
» Rehabilitate Back Problems
» Recover from Knee Injuries
» Manage Fibromyalgia
» Alleviate Arthritis
» Recover from Orthopedic Surgery
» Help Balance & Coordination

Allows you the ability to enjoy the benefits of exercise without the usual associated discomfort caused by excessive stress on the joints. You will be amazed at the results you achieve with Aquatic Therapy.

The aquatic therapy program at Metro Physical Therapy & Aquatics involves a specialized 84 degree, self-contained indoor pool equipped with safety steps and a chair lift.

Aquatic therapy allows patients to exercise effectively in a non-weight bearing position and without pain. This program is ideal for patients with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Low Back Pain  and post surgical patients.

Our licensed Physical Therapists will set up an individualized program to meet your individual needs. This will enable the patient to return to his/her previous levels of activity. You will be educated on how to achieve the goals you have set for your therapy experience. You will also be given a home exercise program and taught strategies to reduce the chance of re-injury. Your rehabilitation program may also include progression to a land based program as you gain strength and stability.