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From Therapists Desk

Some great advantages of walking on the beach for patients and individuals with injuries or just wanting to get in better shape:
1) less pressure on the knees !
Unlike walking on pavement or pounding of the treadmill, walking on the sand is less pressure on knee joints ( preferably alittle harder sand is preferred if you have balance concerns)
2) more exertion on body to ambulate and thus more calories burned to get from point A to point B.
3) ability to go longer distances and build strength and increase endurance.
Unlike walking on a treadmill or walking on the street, walking on the sand and seeing the surf/ surfers , boats , people and fisherman it takes your mind off of the distance you have accomplished. Before you know it you have walked a great distance on the beach and increased your overall strength.
4) Clear mind and release stress
What is better then walking beside the water and enjoying the beutiful beaches of Long Beach
Less stress helps the body and mind hit the reset button toward better health..

Thanks for taking a minute to stop bye the therapists desk , hope you  look forward to next weeks helpful hint to better health